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Ear, Eye & Nasal Care.

Ear, Eye & Nasal Care
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Blephagel 30g
Blephagel is a preservative free eye care product for the daily hygiene of sensitive eyelids. Its fo..
Blephasol Lotion 100ml
Blephasol is an aqueous cleansing solution designed to be used by Blepharitis patients for daily eye..
Brochlor Eye Ointment 4g
Brochlor Eye Ointment provides an effective treatment for acute bacterial conjunctivitis.  ..
Brolene Eye Drops 10ml
Brolene Eye Drops contain an effective antibiotic to help releave and treat symptoms of minor eye in..
GoldenEye Antibiotic Ointment
GoldenEye Antibiotic Eye Ointment (4g) contains an active antibiotic that fights conjunctivitis. Red..
Murine Contacts Refresh 15ml
Murin® Contacts refresh & clean eye drops are refreshing and lubricating drops with the added be..
Earfit Ear Plugs Twin Pack
Two pairs foam ear plugs. Suitable for sleeping, air travel, and swimming. ..
Hypromellose Drops 0.3%
Hypromellose is used as artificial tears to prevent damage to the cornea. Hypromellose provides..
Olive Oil & Dropper 10ml
Olive Oil Eardrops are for softening and removal of earwax prior to syringing ..
Otex Ear Drops 8ml
Otex Ears Drops work by breaking hardened ear wax into pieces so it can fall more easily from the ea..
Systane Ultra Eye Drops
Systane Ultra eye drops offer high performance dry eye therapy. Formulated with a unique intell..
Cerumol Ear Drops 11ml
Cerumol Ear drops gently soften and remove ear wax. Do not use if you suffer with a severe peanut al..
Clinitas Carbomer Gel
Clinitas Carbomer Gel is a lubricating and moisturising eye gel that quickly and effectively relieve..
EarCalm Spray 5ml
EarCalm spray is used to treat superficial (minor) ear infections of the outer ear (external auditor..
Optrex Allergy Eye Drops
Optrex Allergy Eye Drops prevent, treat and soothe itchy, allergy eyes. They help to prevent and to ..

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