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Indigestion & Heartburn.

Indigestion & Heartburn
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Alka Seltzer Original 10
When you feel acid indigestion or heartburn with pain, turn to Alka-Seltzer for fast relief. Alka-Se..
Collis Browne's Mixture
Collis Browne's contains a powerful combination of anhydrous morphine to slow down the contractions ..
Galpharm Antacid Tablets 24
For the symptomatic relief of indiges tion, excess acidity, flatulence, heartburn, dyspepsia and nau..
Gaviscon Advance Aniseed
Gaviscon advanced contains something called an" raft forming alginate"; this means it forms a float ..
Kolanticon Gel 200ml
Kolanticon Gel contains three active ingredient: an antispasmodic (relieves muscle spasm), an antifl..
Motilium Tablets 10
This medicine has been removed from Pharmacy sale in the United Kingdom as of 4th September 2014 aft..
Pantoloc Control Tablets
Pantoloc Control works at the source of the problem of heartburn preventing the production of excess..
Peptac Liquid Aniseed 500ml
Peptac, is a generic version of Gaviscon Original and contains something called a "raft fo..
Peptac Liquid Peppermint 500ml
Peptac, is a generic version of Gaviscon Original and contains something called a "raft forming..
Pepto Bismol Liquid
Pepto-Bismol Liquid - Relieve overindulgence symptoms of heartburn, indigestion, nausea, upset stoma..
Pepto Bismol Tablets
Chew up some digestive relief with Pepto-Bismol Original Chewable Tablets. Relieve heartburn, indige..
Ranitidine Tablets 75mg 12
Ranitidine Tablets bind to the H2 Receptor in the stomach and preventing the stomach from producing ..
Zanprol Tablets 14
Zanprol Tablets are an advanced treatment for the relief of heartburn and acid reflux. They work by ..
Zantac Tablets
Zantac Tablets bind to the H2 Receptor in the stomach and preventing the stomach from producing too ..
Kaolin & Morphine 200ml
*** New Formula *** Kaolin and Morphine Mixture provides effective relief from upset stomach..
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